Radiation therapy is well known to provide palliation for a variety of localized cancer symptoms, which can improve patient quality of life and reduce caregiver burden and stressors. Palliative radiation therapy plays critical roles in the management of pain from bone metastases, neurological symptoms from brain metastases or spinal cord compression, and local symptoms caused by compression, mass effect, or local invasion. The importance of palliative radiotherapy to end-of-life oncology care has led to International Consensus Conferences on Palliative Radiotherapy in New York in 1990, London in 2000, San Diego in 2010, and most recently Barcelona in 2015. The successes and momentums from these meetings, as well as the increasing collaboration between colleagues worldwide dedicated specifically to the subspecialty of palliative radiotherapy led to thoughts of a new, unified organization. So, in the fall of 2014, the SPRO was formed under the leadership of Dr. Stephen Lutz, from the Department of Radiation Oncology, Blanchard Valley Regional Cancer Center.
SPRO is a worldwide group of like-minded colleagues dedicated to excellence in end-of-life radiation oncology care. SPRO strives for palliative radiotherapy that is effective, efficient, safe, cost effective and collaborative. SPRO Mission Statement is to promote and advance the practice of evidence-based palliative radiation therapy through (I) research, (II) education, and (III) advocacy.