SPRO Committee Descriptions

Communications Committee

Chair: Andrew Bruggeman

The SPRO Communications Committee is charged with increasing awareness of SPRO, its mission, and its educational programs among clinicians involved in the care of patients with advanced cancer. This may occur electronically through newsletters, the SPRO website, and at annual ASTRO, ASCO, and AAHPM meetings. The Communications Committee will maintain, develop, and expand the SPRO website and increase awareness of SPRO through social media. Members of the committee are expected to actively participate in conference calls held at least 4 times yearly, in addition to potential in-person meetings during the annual SPRO meeting, generally held in conjunction with the ASTRO Annual Meeting. Committee members are responsible for generating new ideas for further improvement and expansion of material and/or modes of raising SPRO awareness.


Awards Committee

Chair: Candice Johnstone

The SPRO Awards Committee is charged with soliciting nominations, performing reviews of nominations, and making recommendations for the recipients of the annual SPRO awards: (1) Rising Star Award, and (2) Lifetime Achievement Award.  The committee will also organize the awards ceremony during the SPRO event at the annual ASTRO meeting and will consider whether alterations or additional awards are needed to best reflect recognition of work to advance the intersection of palliative care and radiation oncology. Committee members will participate in conference calls 4 times yearly, in addition to the SPRO Annual Meeting.


Membership Committee

Chair: Sara Alcorn

The SPRO Membership Committee is responsible for supporting SPRO’s mission, vision, and strategic plan by promoting membership recruitment, engagement, and retention. The Membership Committee will be responsible for establishing an equitable dues structure and working with other SPRO committees to identify the issues most important to SPRO members. The Membership Committee will monitor monthly membership statistics and trends, maintain and updated membership list, provide input on the development of peer-to-peer programs and mentorship models, and propose strategies to recruit new members and to increase member engagement. The Membership Committee will have at least quarterly conference calls.


Finance Committee

Chair: Eric Chang

The Finance Committee will be responsible for overseeing the development of the annual budget, collection of membership dues, interact with corporate sponsors and private donors and support other SPRO committees with event planning.  The Finance Committee will have at least quarterly conference calls.


Annual Meeting Committee

Chair: Emily Martin

The Annual Meeting Committee will be responsible for organizing the program for our annual meeting, typically held in coordination with ASTRO’s annual meeting. Responsibilities may also include seeking venues for the meeting and other related duties. Meetings would occur at least quarterly throughout the year but may be more frequent when ASTRO event submission forms are due and leading up to the annual meeting. Typically, we would meet at least monthly in the 4 months prior to the Annual Meeting.

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